TKPP Mohd Yusof
Name              : Encik Mohd Yusoff bin Aman
Emel               : mhdyusoff[at]mmea[dot]gov[dot]my 
Telephone      : 03-89957002

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is a security agency established to enforce law and order for the preservation of peace, safety and security in the Malaysian Maritime Zone and to coordinate search and rescue operations in the Malaysian Maritime Search and Rescue Region.
In line with these function, we pledge to deliver the following:
  • Deploy at least 7 vessels at sea per day in each maritime region to maintain presence and surveillance;
  • Dispatch vessels within 30 minutes upon receipt of genuine tip-off or call for assistance;
  • Deploy or coordinate assisting vessels to the location of distress within 2 hours from the receipt of such distress call;
  • Provide report on the status of an offence to the not later than 2 weeks from the receipt of such request;and
  • Provide feedback to complainant within 15 working days from the date a complaint is lodged.

bendera logoapmm
1. The Eagle symbolizes the air response capabilities. Its alertness and awareness of the maritime environment and the effectiveness in response to any situation in Malaysian Maritime Zone.

The Bugis Sword symbolizes chivalry and strength in upholding Malaysia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

3. The Anchors symbolizes the sea as the area of responsibilty of the agency.

The word Maritim Malaysia on the scroll denotes that Malaysia is a maritime nation in which there lies abundance of wealth and marine resources that sustain the nation. Consequently, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is resolve to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation.

5. Form of jute rope, the rope that forms a circle symbolizing unity and strength of the bonding strength of the relationship between all ranks and levels within the agency.

The colour Red symbolizes strong physical, spiritual and moral courage.

7. The colour Blue symbolizes trust and dignity.

Please Contact Us At :
 :: General Information ::
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency,
Prime Minister's Department,
Level 4-11, One IOI Square,
IOI Resort, 62502 Putrajaya
Tel : 603-8995 7000    Fax : 603-8941 4000
:: Hotline ::
Tel  : 603-89434001
Fax : 603-89414527
:: ICT Helpdesk (For ICT Equipment Failure Report Only) ::
Tel : 03-8995 7555
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To give comments, feedback or if you have any questions regarding the website, please contact us at : 
ICT Department,
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency,
Prime Minister's Department,
Level 4-11, One IOI Square,
IOI Resort, 62502 Putrajaya
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel : 603-89957545 /7511/7504
Fax : 603-89436042


Generally, all systems within the APMM is designed to be able to perform all tasks quickly as any delay may affect the implementation of the laws of the country and is likely to put life and property in danger of customers. Assets acquired also supporting the principles this fast. Efficient and agile in the act or respond upon receiving a complaint or request for assistance to ensure effective enforcement and to reduce loss of life and property at sea. Highlighted every time the speed of dealing with customers include the speed of thinking and acting in accordance with the principles of the regulations, circulars and provisions of existing law. Speed act MMEA members showed interest MMEA customer a priority.


Assertiveness is an attitude that does not compromise with the things that violate the rules and laws. This attitude is important to give a message to customers that the MMEA enforcement officers perform their duties with full dedication, commitment, honesty, discipline, integrity, professionalism and trust in order to keep the peace, safety and well being of customers and territorial waters of any negative elements which may eventually damage / affect the interests of customers.


Each customer will be treated on an equal basis in accordance with the principle of "one law for all" to avoid collision regulations and state law regardless of status, rank and influence of any party. It is also to ensure customers get fair treatment, fair and respected so that customers' interests as a whole continues to secure.

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