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Welcome to the official website of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) or also known as the Malaysia Coast Guard. This website was created to introduce MMEA to the public and as a channel to spread new information about the agency and our service to the public in the arena of maritime enforcement through information technology and communication.
From this website, we hope that viewers could learn about the functions and roles of MMEA which are to guard, to protect and to rescue in Malaysian Maritime Zones (MMZ). From the website, viewers get a brief idea on this agency’s activities.
As the head of the one and only enforcement agency in Malaysia, this agency is striving to face each obstacle from hardware, software and humanware which exist to ensure this agency could play its role effectively.
The preventive measures implemented by Malaysia Coast Guard are to show and educate the maritime community on the importance of diligence, safety and the need to obey the law.
I wish the public would understand our role in preserving the safety of our waters in the Malaysian Maritime Territory by being the ‘eyes and ears’ for us in keeping our waters protected, peaceful and safe. This website provides the contact numbers of our officers if you have any information that could help us to be more effective in our duties.
Viewers are given a chance to give any comment for our agency through the suggestions and ideas column. We do welcome any suggestions to strengthen our MMEA website.
Thank you and Welcome to the Official Website of Malaysia Coast Guard !
Admiral Maritime Dato’ Mohd Zubil Bin Mat Som
Director General
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency