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MMEA's Functions

1.   To enforce law and order under any federal law;
2.   To perform maritime search and rescue;
3.   To prevent and suppress the commission of an offence;
4.   To lend assistance in any criminal matters on a request by a foreign State as provided under the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2002 (Act 621);
5.   To carry out air and coastal surveillance;
6.   To establish and manage maritime institutions for training;
7.   To ensure maritime security and safety;
8.   Perform any obligation to ensure maritime safety and security or do all matters incidental to its
9.   Control and prevention of maritime pollution in the seas.
10.    Prevent and suppress piracy and illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs on the high seas.
11.   Placed under the control of the Malaysian Armed Forces during a period of emergency special crisis orwar.