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a. Malaysia Martim Enforcement Agency (MMEA) is responsible for a number of search and rescue. This includes tracking and maritime incidents, coordinate and control as well as conducting maritime search and rescue operations in Malaysia and areas of responsibility of allocating resources to assist in aspects of SAR humanitarian and civil incidents. MMEA also conducted SAR prevention programs to reduce the number and severity of maritime SAR incidents.
b. MMEA has established a Search and Rescue Coordination Center that "Maritime Rescue Coordinating Center" (MRCC) and five Search and Rescue Sub Centre of "Maritime Rescue Sub-Center" (MRSC) in order to coordinate search and rescue operations at sea in the area of search and Malaysia maritime rescue (maritime Search and Rescue Region - MSSR). These centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
c. Anyone who needs help because of difficulty in the sea or an emergency at sea, or seen or has information on emergency incidents at sea, should contact the MRCC or MRSC as soon as possible to provide accurate information so that appropriate assistance or rescue operation that can effectively launched and coordinated immediately. Information can also be passed on to MRCC or MRSC a way to contact or make any report on Maritime District Office or the nearest Police Station or 999 emergency calls.