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bendera logoapmm
1. The Eagle symbolizes the air response capabilities. Its alertness and awareness of the maritime environment and the effectiveness in response to any situation in Malaysian Maritime Zone.

The Bugis Sword symbolizes chivalry and strength in upholding Malaysia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

3. The Anchors symbolizes the sea as the area of responsibilty of the agency.

The word Maritim Malaysia on the scroll denotes that Malaysia is a maritime nation in which there lies abundance of wealth and marine resources that sustain the nation. Consequently, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is resolve to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation.

5. Form of jute rope, the rope that forms a circle symbolizing unity and strength of the bonding strength of the relationship between all ranks and levels within the agency.

The colour Red symbolizes strong physical, spiritual and moral courage.

7. The colour Blue symbolizes trust and dignity.